Zaans Varen

Hoe leuk is dit! Wanneer ik denk aan een echte Zaanse familie dan denk ik al snel aan mijn jeugd vriend Kris, zijn vriendin en dochters. Wat was het leuk om hen voor deze foto sessie uit te mogen nodigen! Voor mocht ik weer op pad! Deze keer het thema varen. Samen met schipper […]

Zaans Fietsen

Voor mocht ik op pad met deze geweldige familie. De serie foto’s wordt uiteindelijk gebruikt ter promotie van de Zaanstreek op de website, in kranten en op social-media. Omdat er meer te promoten is zal je vanaf nu meerdere Zaanse karakteristieke shots voorbij zien komen. Voor mij is deze opdracht extra leuk omdat ik […]

Westhaven Westknollendam

The Westhaven of Westknollendam will be fully renovated into an amazing new housing project. They asked me to make a video for the locals to show them the ideas of this project. What did I do? This project involved making a script, filming, editing, and making sure it’s easy to find online. This day the […]

Sporty Shots

I went along with personal trainer Joshua de Vriend to make some professional shots for him. He was running his 23km and I was biking alongside him for support and pictures. At some points, I went on ahead to wait and take shots of his running. Made some extra dramatic shots in the meantime. You […]

The Daily Mountain

GRAND OPENING The day is finally here, the webshop is live! What can you expect?-Photography prints-Collaborations-Originals of the best selling future art prints-Cyanotype explosion, many new ideas and negatives for the prins are being worked on at the moment-Lots of other (digital) art Check out:

First outside shoot of the year

The weather last friday was so great that we took the planned photoshoot with Faye outside into the dunes close to Zantvoort. Her little sister and her mom tagged along. I’ve worked with a lot of kids the past 10 years, I’ve always loved doing that. Building a connection with a child in a short […]

new site | new vibe | new me

Welcome to my first blog post at my brand new website. All the blog posts before this one are old blog posts from my previous website. The old posts are mostly in Dutch, I prefer english from now on. At this blog I will share new projects, developments, photo or art work and many more […]

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